Dublin's Historic South

Season 2, Episode I - Ballsbridge

March 12, 2021 Laura Fitzachary Season 2 Episode 1
Dublin's Historic South
Season 2, Episode I - Ballsbridge
Show Notes

This month’s episode, kicking off Season 2,  focused on the area of Ballsbridge! And joining me was show regular; Evan McGuigan. To remind everyone, Evan is a colleague of mine hailing from Monaghan (so still remotely recording),  a fellow historian in whose expertise lies in 20th Irish history but he also has a keen interest in the history of the courts and law-makers in Ireland. In fact he curated a very well received exhibition in Dublin Castle on this topic back in 2019. Fortunately for us his background and interests in political history & current affairs was put to good use as we delved into to the other side on D4! 

From its humble beginnings as a marshy pitstop out of the city centre, the area grew into one of the wealthiest parts of not just the county, but the country. We explored a townland that, at one time, balanced large-scale industry next to leafy surburbia - while small pockets of it were filled by Ireland's rebels, artists & writers. From the RDS, to Raglan Road to the 'Embassy Belt' Ballsbridge's history is that it attracts not just people of high-status but also people of high volume. 

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