Dublin's Historic South

Season 2, Episode II - Saggart

April 16, 2021 Season 2 Episode 1
Dublin's Historic South
Season 2, Episode II - Saggart
Show Notes

Season 2 continues and it's second episode focused on the area of Saggart! And returning to the show was the ever brilliant, Camilla Pedersen. To remind everyone, Camilla hails from Denmark but currently resides in Maynooth and her focus of study is on Viking period mythology and narrative tradition. An alumna of Maynooth University, her main research focus was on Early Irish narrative and literary tradition in comparison to Old Norse narrative tradition, and literary tropes of the supernatural, with special focus on shape-shifting. Her other areas of focus (which were put to good use in this epsiode) are Old Irish linguistics, and prehistoric and early medieval archaeology. You can read her work as she has been published on her topics, most recently in 2019 with Amsterdam University Press. 

As we headed to the west side of South Dublin we focused on Saggart. From being caught up in frequent attacks and rebellions to becoming a 'day-out' destination spot for Dubliners, Saggart's strategic position went from being a hindrance to a help. At this gateway to the south-west we explored the myriad of megalithic sites on its hills to how industry put it on the map - by providing the paper the Irish Republic Proclamation was printed on at Swiftbrook Paper Mills. Long gone now, we applauded the local residents for retaining it's history and ensuring that what is left of 'old' Saggart - very much stays there!

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