Dublin's Historic South

Season 2, Episode III - The Liberties

May 13, 2021 Season 2 Episode 3
Dublin's Historic South
Season 2, Episode III - The Liberties
Show Notes

BONUS CONTENT ALERT! Season 2 continues and it's third episode focused on the area of the Liberties! A long time coming, this episode may need a Part II (...or even a Part III) and illuminating an area steeped in history was the insightful; James Madigan. Which is why it's a bit longer! James is a local historian, a tour guide in the Liberties and a founding member of the Liberties Cultural Association. He organises events for this association, fundraises for local charities and is involved with the protection of The Liberties’ historic structures. James’ background lies in archaeology with a post grad in Irish Folklore. And having previously worked as a history tutor he is also the Co-ordinator of the Liberties Folklore Project, a collaboration with the National Folklore Collection.

**EDIT, 72-74 Francis St. not Meath St.**

Please note there might be some background noise...the joys of the city centre!

As we headed into what a local described to me as the heart of medieval Dublin we examined trade, it's marketplaces and their laws (and punishments) right up to the 18th century and the locality's biggest employers - the alcohol industry. The benefits and indeed the tragedies of which included the Great whiskey Fire of 1875.  This episode barely scratched the surface of one of the most unique parts of Dublin as we delved into the etymology of 'The Liberties' and barrelled (pun intended) through the centuries to bring listeners a taste of an area defined by trade, faith & most importantly, community. Speaking of, the award winning Liberties Cultural Association were represented by James on this episode but their efforts in monitoring development and ensuring it benefits community. Please check out what is only some of their past and continuing projects below :

International Women's Day,  2021

Hyatt Centric, Liberties Legends

Quakers In the Liberties, 2020

Armistice Day in the Grotto, 2019

Pride of Place, 2019

Meet The Shopkeepers, 2018

And of course we mentioned the great Eamonn MacThomais and his jaunts around Dublin, now an important part of media history in Ireland, catch them here:




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