Dublin's Historic South

Season 2, Episode V - Dublin 2 - Part II

July 16, 2021 Season 2 Episode 5
Dublin's Historic South
Season 2, Episode V - Dublin 2 - Part II
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Bonus content alert!!

This month, the show veers off course a little...originally  meant to be an 18th century architecture special, it morphed into an absolute treat for you guys and became our 'Vicereine Special.' In what is entitled 'Dublin 2 - Part II' we meandered through the streets of Dublin's city centre and in the footsteps of the wives of the representatives of British administration. Their untold stories also in turn telling a story of the people who lived and more importantly worked in and around the home of the vicereine and the nerve centre of Dublin that was Dublin Castle. Joining me this month was the wonderful Dr. Myles Campbell -  a Research & Interpretation Officer at Dublin Castle for the OPW, he received his doctorate from TCD and has gone on to teach art and architectural history at TCD, UCD & NUI Maynooth. His publications include co-editing the 2017's Making Majesty: The Throne Room at Dublin Castle, contributions to the Irish Arts Review & Country Life and his latest publication which he edited - Vicereines of Ireland - Portraits of Forgotten Women.

From bolstering the 'Free Trade Movement' in the late 19th century to developing niche artisans to serve these elite women throughout the Victorian period, by unfurling the effects of the role of the vicereine; 'the fabric of the city' takes on a whole new meaning - may the stories of these women remain in their rightful place of amongst the socio-political context of 17th-20th century Dublin and indeed Ireland.

Myles' latest book accompanies the must-see exhibtion: 'Vicereines of Ireland: Portraits of Forgotten Women' running in the State Apartments at Dublin Castle until September 5th, 2021. The book is available nationwide!

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