Dublin's Historic South

Season 2, Episode VI - Ringsend

August 13, 2021 Laura Fitzachary Season 2 Episode 6
Dublin's Historic South
Season 2, Episode VI - Ringsend
Show Notes

This month we are back to our regular format and heading to the Dublin docklands to delve into the area of Ringsend... 

Joining me this month was show regular and ever brilliant Evan McGuigan. Evan is a historian working in a castle and there he has recently curated the exhibition 'Delivering Justice' on the history of the courts in Ireland. With a background in 20th century political history, he has previously worked in various museums and libraries across Dublin city. However, Evan can also be found sifting through the shelves at Tower Records, as he is also a music snob.  

Did you know one of the Poolbeg stacks is slightly taller than the other ? From electricity generators to being imprisoned at Dublin Castle, this episode was a whirlwind tour of an area (and it’s residents) that’s steeped in history - Ringsend. We headed south of the Dublin Docklands this month to chat all things rays and the Rising focusing on the sense of community and how it co-existed with extensive development 

Over time, Ringsend seems to have built character as well as harboured a few characters along the way!

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