Dublin's Historic South

Season 2, Episode VIII - Dalkey

October 22, 2021 Season 2 Episode 8
Dublin's Historic South
Season 2, Episode VIII - Dalkey
Show Notes

This month we barreled through the history of one of Dublin's most famous coastal towns - Dalkey!

Joining me this month was show regular and the ever brilliant Evan McGuigan. Evan is a historian working in a castle and there he has recently curated the exhibition 'Delivering Justice' on the history of the courts in Ireland. With a background in 20th century political history, he has previously worked in various museums and libraries across Dublin city. With an added interest in significant political figures throughout the centuries he was perfect for delving into a town known for harbouring big names...

Did you know that Dalkey's affluent repuatation dates as far back as the 14th century?
From prehistoric stone-axe production to trailblazing advances in transport, Dalkey was put on the map long before the superstars moved in.

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