Dublin's Historic South

Season 2, Episode X - Rathgar

December 10, 2021 Season 2 Episode 10
Dublin's Historic South
Season 2, Episode X - Rathgar
Show Notes

This month we delved into the history of a relatively new townland - Rathgar!
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This month saw the return of the ever brilliant, Trisha Ryan. A former colleague of mine and fellow historian, Trisha hails from Waterford. As both an archaeologist and historian, she is now based in Dublin with a background in Irish archaeology and museum education. She spends her days talking about everything from bronze age artefacts to Viking invasions and having been published in the field of education, who better to reveal what’s below the surface of this month’s episode all about Rathgar (& it's neighbouring Terenure)

From humble farmland beginnings and a placename that means 'rough ringfort', as the centuries progressed Rathgar is rough no more. Coming into its own in the 19th century we revealed everything from gardening schools to forgotten castles...

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